Mechanical Power Transmissions



  • Rebuild damaged and scored shafts
  • Protect exposed areas from chemical/corrosion attack
  • Modify bearing areas

Spline drives

  • Reform damaged sockets to reduce backlash and play


  • Repair oversized keyways
  • Modify keyway locations

Hydraulic rams

  • Repair scores in place without heat
  • Protect exposed surfaces from corrosion pitting

Bearing housings

  • Modify existing bearing seats
  • Rebuild damage bearing locations in place without machining

Bearing surfaces

  • Repair/replace low friction bearing surfaces
  • Reform ball joint housings

Water-lubricated bearings

  • Repair cutlass bearings
  • Cast line-shaft bearings

Pin and bush housings

  • Realign pins into oversized housings
  • Reseat bushes into damaged locations

Flanged couplings