5 pump

Centrifugal pumps


Pump volutes

  • Restore cutwater profiles
  • Rebuild erosion/corrosion damage
  • Repair holed and cracked casings
  • Repair flow straighteners
  • Reform end covers and protect wear plates
  • Reduce friction losses to increase efficiency


  • Restore impeller wear ring clearances
  • Rebuild vane profiles
  • Protect against erosion and chemical attack

Bushes, glands, and wear rings

  • Realign bushes
  • Reform gland housings
  • Recast water lubricated bearings


  • Rebuild vane profiles
  • Reform casing spigots
  • Repair casing wear ring locations
  • Protect from erosion and chemical attack
  • Repair cracked and holed casings

Liquid ring vacuum pumps

  • Rebuild and protect rotors
  • Restore pump cone clearances
  • Reform end covers
  • Repair and protect casings
  • Repair and protect valve plates


  • Repair and protect pitted line shafts
  • Rebuild shaft sleeve/bearing locations


Positive displacement pumps


Casing repairs

  • Rebuild scroll pump bores
  • Rebuild and protect end covers
  • Repair cracked and holed casings
  • Rebuild rotary pump casings
  • Repair scored cylinders in reciprocating pumps

Rotor repairs

  • Rebuild rotary vane pump guide slots
  • Cast lobes for rotary lobe pumps
  • Rebuild damaged rotors
  • Rebuild scroll pump rotor shafts
  • Repair or cast pump diaphragms