ships and Offshore structures Repair


Auxiliary machinery

  • Rebuild and seal evaporators –  Rebuild and protect sea chests – Protect process vessels

Mooring equipment

  • Repair seal finders  – Rebuild and fair mooring bits – Rebuild power blocks

Cargo and processing tank systems

  • Repair and protect: Sand filters-De-aerators-Separators-Coalescers-De-gassers
  • Reinforce tank bottoms

Offshore production and drilling equipment

  • Rebuild and protect di-chlor injection tee pieces- Protect thermal insulation – Protect riser pipes – Waterproof primary fire walls – Cast mud valve inserts – Protect down hole tools

Hull and external structures

  • Rebuild rudder pintle housings  – Repair fiberglass hulls – Rebuild and protect stabilizer fins – Rebuild and protect hydrofoil leading edges- Repair rubber flotation chambers

Propulsion systems

  • Rebuild and protect: Propellers – Kort nozzles -Bow and stern thruster tubes – Hovercraft fan blades and pylons -Jet propulsion systems
  • Rebuild stern tube housings
  • Rebuild propeller shaft flanges
  • Seal variable pitch propeller hubs
  • Cast cutlass bearings

Deck machinery and equipment

  • Seal around deck machinery – Seal water tight doors – Create safety non-skid surfacing

Marine electrical equipment

  • Repair damaged cable insulation
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