Lincoln Products

AWS A5.5 : E9018M-H4

EN 757 : E 55 4 Z B 32 H5
Conarc 60G
• Extremely low hydrogen electrode to maintain the high quality of welding with 115-120% recovery
• Provides good impact toughness at -51°C
• welding high strength steel grades (UTS 540-640 N/mm2)

AWS A5.5 : E11018M-H4

EN 757 : E 69 5 Z B 32 H5
Conarc 80
• extremely low hydrogen electrode to maintain the high quality of welding with 110-115% recovery
• Provides good impact values at -51°C
• Meets the requirements of military specifications
• welding submarines high strength steels (UTS up to 800 N/mm2)
Stainless Steel
AWS A 5.4-92 : E 316 L-16
EN 1600-97 : E 19 12 3 L R 32
DC± / AC
• Rutile coated electrode which has low C and typical 2.8% Mo.
• Suitable for cladding of mild and low alloyed steel, also it works at service temperature range from - 120◦ c to + 400◦ c
• Good for welding Ni Cr steel such as AISI 316
• Welding St.St. 316 &316L
AWS A5.4-92 : E309MoL-16
EN 1600-97 : E 23 12 2 L R 32
• Rutile coated 23Cr-12Ni covered with welding flux weldable in all positions except vertical down
• The weld metal has high resistance to hot cracking
• Joint welding austenitic steels to mild or low alloyed steel and build up layers
• Welding of root runs on the high alloyed parts of cladded steels
AWS A5.4-92 : E 312-16*

EN 1600-97 : E 29 9 R 12
• Rutile coated stick electrode with high NiCr content
• The weld deposit possess a high resistance to cold and hot cracking
• After work hardening the hardness of HB220 increases to 440 HB
• Welding dissimilar steel alloys and stainless steel
• Repair of gears , ovens
AWS A5.4-92 : E 307-26*

EN 1600-97 : E 18 8 Mn R 53

• High efficiency rutile electrode with 160% recovery.
• The weld metal is a 6% Mn alloyed austenitic CrNi-steel with oxidation resistant up to 850◦ c
• Used for welding of dissimilar metals and cladding
• Hard to weld steel – Mn steel – joining dissimilar metals
AWS A5.4-92 : E309-16*

EN 1600-97 : E 22 12 R 32*

DC± / AC
• Stick welding electrode for high oxidation resistant welding
• The weld metal provides a oxidation resistant up to 1050◦ c without any need for high preheating temperature
• Used for welding NiCr steel alloys such as AISI 310
AWS A5.9 : ER309LSi

EN 12072 : W 23 12 L Si / G 23 12 L Si
LNT/LNM 309 Lsi
• Solid welding wires for welding stainless steel 309 with high Si content
• Welding stainless steel to carbon steel
• Welding different steel types
• Used as build up on mild steel
Ni Alloys
AWS A 5.11M-97 : E NiCrFe-2*

ISO 14172-02 : E Ni6182 (NiCr 15 Fe6 Mn)*

Grini 7
• Stick welding electrode of NiCr alloy base metal suitable for all position welding
• High creep resistance up to 815°C and High toughness at low temperature (-196°C)
• For welding, Ni base alloys (as Alloy 600) and dissimilar joints
• Joining dissimilar metals- welding steel to stainless steel- welding stainless steel with creep resistant steel.
AWS A5.11M-97 : ENiCrFe-3

ISO 14172-02 : E Ni6182 (NiCr15Fe6Mn)
• Stick welding electrode of NiCu alloy base metal.
• High creep resistance up to 815°C, high resistance to embrittlement
• High toughness also at low temperature (-196°C)
• Weld metal components is not diluted upon welding
• Provides high hot cracking resistant
• Welding Monel alloys – joining dissimilar metals
AWS A5.14/A5.14M-97 : ER NiCr3

ISO 18274-01 : S Ni6082 (NiCr20Mn3Nb)

DC+ / AC
Grini S/T-NCF 9
• Solid wire for TIG welding with 72.5% Ni alloy
• High resistance to oxidation and high impact toughness at low temperature
• Used for welding Ni alloys with high Cr content
• Joining dissimilar metals- welding high creep resistant steel
Bronze Alloys
AWS A5.6-84 : E Cu*

DIN 1733-88 : EL-CuMn 2
• Basic 2% Mn alloyed Cu- stick electrode for welding pure Cu surfaces.
• Suitable for welding work pieces with a wall thickness of less than 3-4 mm without any preheating requirements
• Welding of conductor bars, tubes copper impellers
DIN 1733 : EL-Cu Sn 13

W.Nr. : 2.1027

• Special basic coated electrode containing 12% Sn.
• Used for welding tin bronzes Cu-Zn alloys (brass) and Cu-Sn-Zn cast alloys.
Applications :
• Cladding steel shafts – friction bearings – liners – slide valves.
AWS A5.6-84 : ECuMnNiAl
• Basic coated Al-bronze stick electrode, alloyed with 12% Mn
• The weld deposit is porosity, defects and hot cracking free.
• Used for steel cladding and Cu alloys, also used in welding pure copper alloys.
Applications :
• Slide valves – valve seats – ship shafts, propellers and stirrers- pump impellers.
AWS A5.7-84R : ERCu

EN 14640 : S Cu 1898 (CuSn1)
• Solid wire for MIG welding of copper
• The weld deposit contains 98.5% Cu, used for welding pure copper alloys.
Applications :
• Copper valves – ship shafts and propellers – valve seats – pump impellers
Aluminum Alloys
AWS A5.3-99 : E 4043

ISO 18273-01 : Al 4043A*
• Coated electrode for welding aluminum-silicon alloys
• The special electrode coating facilitates the removal of oxide skins and production of porosity free welds.
• Used for welding Al-Si alloys and dissimilar aluminum alloys.
Applications :
• Radiators – aluminum molds
Cast Iron welding Alloys
AWS A5.15-90 : E Ni-CI

ISO 1071-01 : E Ni-CI 1
DC± / AC
• Basic graphite coated stick electrode with 97% Ni content
• Produces a soft malleable weld deposit suitable for cast iron repairs and crack repairs by removing the mechanical stresses easily by peen beads thoroughly after welding.
• It’s considered to be the best for multi-layer welding for cast iron with steel and for different grades of cast-iron.
Applications :
• Gear boxes – motor casings – cast iron flanges - pump casings
AWS A5.15-90 : E NiFe-CI

ISO 1071-01 : E NiFe-CI 1
Dc- / AC
• Basic graphite coated stick electrode with a bi-metal NiFe core
• Provides a smooth weld appearance with higher hardness than Gricast 1
• Suitable for repair welding of Globular cast iron ant other cast iron grades and welding cast iron to steel
• The weld metal has 55% Ni content
Applications :
• Gear boxes – motor casings – cast iron flanges - pump casings
Hard facing alloys
DIN 8555-83: E 6-UM-60-GPS

45-58 HRC
DC+ / AC
• Basic hardfacing stick electrode with 120% recovery
• Weldmetal from Chromium-Silicon hard alloy provides excellent impact and abrasion resistance
• Reaches the maximum as welded hardness by welding in 2 layers
Applications :
• Drillers – earth loaders – mills - Dredgers
DIN: E6-UM-60-GP

59 HRC
DC± / AC
• Rutile hardfacing electrode with 180% recovery
• Weldmetal of chromium-silicon hard alloy with High resistance to impact and abrasion
Applications :
• Earth loaders – loader teeth and screws – dredgers.
DIN: E10-UM-60-GRZ

60 HRC
DC+ / AC
• Rutile hardfacing electrode with 170% recovery
• Weldmetal with Good corrosion resistance and optimal abrasion and erosion resistance with low dilution upon welding.
• Low dilution upon welding and super smooth surface.
• used for hardfacing different steel alloys to resist abrasion and erosion, also for hardfacing the metal parts exposed to severe abrasion with earth
Applications :
• Hummers – crusher rollers - dredger teeth- Concrete scrapers
28-55 HRC
DC+ / AC
WearShield ABR
• Hardfacing stick electrode with good resistance to abrasion and moderate resistant to impact.
• Hardness varies based on cooling rate, applied as abrasion resistant layers with maximum 2 layers
• Can be forged readily without affecting its mechanical properties.
• Used on stainless steel and Mn-steel alloys.
Applications :
• Coal mining cutters – Conveyor buckets and rolls– Dipper teeth and lips
wear shilded ABR
42-48 HRC
DC+ / AC
WearShield 44
• Stick welding electrode with moderate hardness to resists abrasion and impact
• Good abrasion resistant alloy at high temp. up to 600◦c
Applications :
• Rolling Mill Guides – Hammers - Scrapers
49-59 HRC
DC+ / AC
WearShield ME
• High hardness welding electrode containing Chrome Carbides and austenite contents.
• The alloy is designed to resists abrasion and corrosion occurred from the friction between earth components and metal.
• The weld metal is a crack free deposit with low dilution
Applications :
• Augers - Bucket Teeth - Dozer Blades
57-62 HRC
DC+ / AC
WearShield 60
• High hardness welding electrode with flux gives 200% recovery.
• A Wearshield 60 deposit consists of primary to provide hardness up to 62 HRC when applied on 2 layers.
Applications :
• Crusher Rolls, Plates and Jaws- Brick and Coke Machinery- Cement Mill Parts- Conveyer Screw
DC+ / AC
WearShield 70
• Welding electrode with flux gives 240% recvovery and hardness up to 70 HRC.
• The weld metal possess a very high hardness but not machinable or impact resistant.
• Resists very severe abrasion at temperatures up to (760°C).
• Used for hardfacing of surfaces exposed to abrasion from sand, cement, crushed cricks.
Applications :
• Hoppers – screeners – Blast Furnace - screw conveyors.
57-64 HRC
DC+ / AC
Lincore 65-0
• Self-shielded flux-cored wire with weld metals resists severe abrasion and light impact.
• Can be applied up to 4 layers.
• Considered the flux-cored alternative for Wearshield 60 and Wearshield 70
Applications :
• Ripper Teeth – anti-wear plates – crusher rolls
Tool & Die Alloys
DIN 8555-83: E 3 UM- 60- T
58-44 HRC
DC± / AC
• Basic coated high efficiency electrode with 130 % recovery.
• Weld metal contains complex carbides which provides it excellent resistant to abrasion and a crack free weld deposit.
Applications :
• Hardfacing of hot and cold trimming tools – forming dies, punching tools – deep drawing dies - suitable for steel alloys (SKD – SLD) and tool steel
AWS: ENiCrMo-5*

43 HRC
DC+ / AC
• Rutile high efficiency (170%) recovery electrode
• For abrasion and impact resistant in high temperature with hardness up to 43 HRC when work hardened.
• Weld deposit is machinable and with Smooth bead surface minimizes finishing work
• Used for hardfacing on new or damaged hot working tool and dies
Applications :
• Forging saddles - hot-shearing blades - forging pipe heads
45-58 HRC
DC+ / AC
WearShield MM
• Stick welding electrode for metal-to-metal wear with mild abrasion
• Provides a martensitic wear-resistant steel deposit when subjected to heat treatment its hardness increases.
• Restrike is easy; slag removes very easily and cleanly plus low spatter, which gives it a high operator appeal.
Applications :
• Gear teeth - Crane wheels – Cams – Sprockets.
58-62 HRC
DC+ / AC
WearShield T&D
• Stick welding electrode to resist metal-to-metal wear.
• Used to Rebuilds dies and cutting edges especially the ones made of high speed tool steel.
Applications :
• Forging dies - Punch dies – Trimmers.
Mn Steels &Build up Alloys
31-38 HRC
DC+ / AC

WearShield Bu-30
• Stick welding electrode with medium hardness and machinable weld deposit can be applied in unlimited layers.
• Used for build-up on medium carbon and low alloy materials
Applications :
• Gears - Clutch Jaws - Shovel and Bucket Lips - Chain Links - Idlers
18-47 HRCWearShield Mangjet
• Stick welding electrode used in all position welding.
• Austenitic manganese steel deposits that will work harden in service and can be welded in unlimited number of layers.
• The weld deposit it crack and porosity free.
Applications :
• Hammers – crusher rolls – rolling mill parts.
40-50 HRCWearShield 15CrMn
• Stick welding electrode of CrMn steel alloy used in all position welding except for vertical down.
• Weld deposit alloy is designed especially to Resists severe impact or gouging even in a single layer plus excellent resistant to cracking.
• Restrike is easy, slag removes very easily and cleanly and spatter is low, which gives it a high operator appeal.
• Rebuilding and cladding upon manages steel and carbon steel.
• Machinable, and work hardened weld deposit.
Applications :
• Hammers and crushers - Rebuilding and Joining of Austenitic Manganese Plates and Parts
DC+Lincore Bu
• Self-shielded, flux-cored wire for flat and horizontal welding positions and machinable weld deposit alloy.
• Excellent crack resistant, suitable for buildup and rebuilding applications needs high toughness and light abrasion resistant.
• Can be applied in unlimited number of layers
Applications :
• Crane Wheels - Drums and Pulleys - Cable Sheaves
27 HRC
Lincore 30S
• Metal-cored wire composed from metal to metal wear resistant alloy, also good if a moderate impact exists.
• Used for buildup layers for automatic and semiautomatic operation on mild and low alloy steels.
• Welds in flat, horizontal and circumferential positions only.
Applications :
• Track Rails - Idlers – Trunnions – shafts - Tractor Rollers
39 HRC
Lincore 35-S
• Metal-cored wire for automatic and semiautomatic operation.
• Recommended as final overlay where medium hardness and good machinability are required.
• Can be welded in unlimited number of layers.
• Welds in flat, horizontal and circumferential positions only.
Applications :
• Crane Wheels – Idlers - Bearing Journals - Mine Car Wheels - Caster Rolls