Innovative Engineering

Inter-Tech’s core competence lies in sourcing highly advanced and cost effective engineering solutions that can enhance productivity and decrease downtime in different industrial sectors.

Why Inter-Tech?

Proven Expertise

 With over two decades of experience, we’re leaders in delivering innovative engineering solutions tailored to diverse industries.

Global Partnerships

 Our exclusive collaborations with industry giants ensure you access cutting-edge technologies and premium products.

Enhanced Productivity

We’re committed to elevating your productivity and minimizing downtime with our advanced solutions.

About Us

Inter-Tech, International Group for Technology and Engineering was established in 1999, has become the Egyptian market leader in providing innovative engineering solutions with strong focus on reliability and client satisfaction.


Providing industry with the most advanced and innovative maintenance and production technology.

Industry Pioneer

Inter-Tech is the pioneering name in the Egyptian industrial landscape, propelling industries forward with cutting-edge maintenance and production technology.

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Empowering Industries with Innovation and Excellence Since 1999 – Your Path to Advanced Engineering Solutions

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Meet Our Expert Team of Industry Pioneers

At Inter-Tech, our exceptional team of engineers and professionals is at the heart of our success. With diverse expertise across industries, they’re dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that boost productivity and efficiency. Discover the faces behind Inter-Tech’s excellence and explore the expertise that drives us forward