Höganäs stands as the foremost global manufacturer of metal powders tailored for powder metallurgy applications. Harnessing the versatile potential of our metal powders, we empower industries to achieve more with fewer resources.

The applications of our metal powders span a vast spectrum, encompassing brazing, pressing, sintering, surface coating, additive manufacturing, welding, friction, and numerous other fields. Today, our products play an integral role across diverse industries, offering innovative solutions to meet evolving technological demands.


Product range:

When used in the industrial sector, Hoganas enables life-cycle optimized component design, energy and resource efficient production, reduced need for final product maintenance and ease of recycling

Deposition technique: Flame spraying:

Flame spraying is a thermal spray coating process. It produces high-quality surface coatings using heat to melt a spray coating material. It is a cost-effective option when you would like to apply metallic or ceramic coatings in a less demanding environment, and for large and complex areas and structures. Flame spraying is used to obtain good wear resistance and excellent impact resistance

Typical working range

  • Deposition rate: 1-9 kg/hour
  • Deposition thickness: 0.1 – 3 mm
  • Hardness: 38 – 61 HR


  • Simple to use: only two steps (see above)
  • 0.1-3 mm thickness
  • Smoother surface than wire

 Hoganas target market:

    • Aerospace & turbines
    • Automotive & transportation
    • Construction and mining
    • Energy & thermal management
    • Processing indust