IBEDA specializes in developing, producing, and globally distributing flashback arrestors and quick-action couplings. Established in 1960 as a family-owned enterprise with 75 employees, IBEDA is renowned for its first-class gas safety engineering worldwide. Customer satisfaction is paramount, with well-known welding equipment and gas manufacturers trusting and marketing IBEDA’s products. Our product range includes gas manifold systems, tapping points, safety devices, testing units, special heating equipment, thermal spraying products, gas mixers, and gas analyzers. IBEDA holds ISO 9001 certification and its products are certified by respected testing institutes like BAM, UL, and DVGW


Flame spraying:

Based on a long experience in manufacturing of thermal spray guns and the ongoing development of established products, the IBEDA range includes user-friendly and durable flame spraying guns and puddle torches. IBEDA’s range of heating engineering includes sinter burners for flame spraying.

IBEDA as a manufacturer covers a wide range of flame spray guns used for thermal spraying of powders for surface treatment. IBEDA offers the powder spray torches Duraloy and DuraloyPlus for coating with self-fluxing alloys. IBEDA provides the thermal spray guns MiniSprayJet and UniSprayJet(SE) which are especially suitable for metal, plastic and ceramic powders. IBEDA manufactures custom flame spraying products according to customers’ requirements.

IBEDA offers a wide range of autogenous burners for surface coating with flame spraying and thermal finishing (self-fluxing alloys). Additionally, our product range covers all the quality products you need to safely use thermal spray guns- flashback arrestersquick connectors, hoses and gas manifold systems

IBEDA key industries:

  • Offshore
  • Steel industry
  • Glass industry
  • Foundries
  • Food and beverage industries
  • Gas manufacturing