About the company

DURUM offers professional solutions in the areas Repair, Maintenance and Wear protection by buildup welding and thermal spraying. To meet the constantly growing requirements in the field of surface engineering, and for more than 40 years, DURUM has been dealing with development and manufacture of materials for application welding and thermal spraying to protect parts from wear and corrosion. 


The company sells its products in more than 80 countries around the world. Due to the many years of experience, new wear-resistant and high-quality materials on cobalt basis were developed as well and successfully introduced on the market as flux-cored wires, electrodes and powders.

Durum Products range:

DURUM provides high performance welding and surfacing wires and powders and is a global market leader in the supply of specialized overlaying consumables that can be applied by a range of processes including: Flux Cored Wire, Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) Welding, Oxy-fuel Welding, Thermal Spray Powder and Wire.

Our wide range of specialized surface hard-facing materials includes:

  • Tungsten carbide rods for oxy-acetylene welding
  • Nickel, cobalt and iron based flux cored wire
  • FCAW wires with tungsten carbide and complex carbides to provide extremely hard and tough coatings, used principally for extreme wear applications
  • Tungsten carbides, complex carbides and chromium carbides for manual arc welding
  • PTA welding powders
  • PTA machines, torches and powder feeders
  • Powders for oxy-acetylene welding and spraying
  • Fused crushed and spherical tungsten carbides
  • Pre-manufactured replacement wear parts
  • Thermal spray powders (conforming to DIN EN 1274)
  • Thermal spray wires (conforming to DIN EN 14919)

Durum target industries:

  • Oil and gas
  • Mining and quarrying
  • Cement industry
  • Steel production, metallurgical plants
  • Tunneling
  • Wood, paper
  • Agriculture
  • Brick industry
  • Power generation